Written By: Aidan G.      


Most anime you know are actually derived from Manga, and normally there are many differences. The people who broadcast the anime think something doesn’t make sense, so they change it to something that does to them. Sometimes there are mistakes in the storyline, including Goku going Super Saiyan in the Ginyu sub-arc, but they changed it last minute. When an anime gets too far ahead of the Manga, they create arcs or episodes to slow it down. They are usually called filler or “slice of life” episodes. There are many mistakes and filler in the anime version, including little things such as hair color, and big things like whole filler arcs. The garlic Jr. saga, False Namek saga, and otherworld tournament sagas are some examples. In this article, I will be talking about some of these topics and try to explain what occurred that caused it.

When they made the Namek arc, every time Goku powered up into the kaio-ken there were sometimes some yellow lines, and they were about to reveal it in the Ginyu arc but realized something. They realized that if they teased it they would build the fanbase and also build hype, but they already animated the super Saiyan (I’ll refer to this as SS G1/G4 from now on) so they changed the hair color to black. But that had an aftereffect causing the misconception that created FSSJ. Originally DBZ ended in the Frieza arc, but the fans wanted more and they made more, creating the cell/androids arc, with more levels of super Saiyan, one of the levels terrible.

Even DBZK(Dragon ball Z kai) had filler, like bubbles, Gregory, and a flashback of Gohan going beyond SS G4 into SS G5/SSJ2 in the time chamber. These were not in the manga. Goku learning how to drive a car is a filler episode that was not needed but was a way to slow down the manga to get ahead. In the Dragon Ball Z anime version, the arc with the most filler was the False Namek arc: that a planet near Namek that looked like Namek had evil monsters, and Krillin and Gohan landed there and stuff happened.

The mistakes of the anime include Bulma’s hair as blue, Vegeta’s first appearance hair as brown, Gregory, and bubbles being added to Goku’s 10x gravity training. When the anime producers made Dragon Ball Z, they had someone translate who made mistakes like “His power level, it’s over 9000!”

You should read the manga version first, then the anime, because the anime will have things in it that aren’t the same as the manga. Although most of these mistakes were fixed in DBZK, not all of them were. Even some filler got into dragon ball super: Gregory and bubbles. The mistakes in the anime version are minor though, compared to how they could have been.