About The Magellan International School

The Magellan International School was envisioned by our founder, Erin Defosse, in 2007 as he was looking for a school for his children. Unable to find one with a robust academic curriculum, language immersion program and international community, he embarked upon a traditional start-up journey. Erin conducted market research, secured capital investments and hired a highly qualified Head of School and facilitated the broad logistics of establishing a new, accredited school. Magellan opened its doors at its Chimney Corners campus on August 24, 2009 with 47 students, 7 teachers and 2 administrative staff. Now at 450+ students, 66 teachers, 20 administrators and 2 campuses, the school has never looked back!

Mission Statement

We are an inclusive community dedicated to each child’s discovery of their unique purpose and passion. We deliver a world class international education tailored to help each student reach their highest-level of personal and academic success. We exist to help our students grow into resilient, empathetic and inquisitive individuals who think both critically and creatively and who possess the courage and conviction to take action.

Vision Statement

We prepare young people to succeed and take their place in a rapidly changing and increasingly competitive world.


We are a community committed to nine core values:

  • Excellence: Upholding the highest standards of education
  • Collaboration: Collaborating as a team for superior results
  • Respect: Respecting the individual and acting with empathy
  • Trust: Empowering our community through open dialog and mutual trust
  • Integrity:  Preserving integrity and emphasizing positivity in all we do
  • Diversity: Celebrating our differences
  • Multiculturalism: Broadening our understanding of cultures
  • Service: Being responsible citizens in every community we serve
  • Social Action: Bridging divides in our local community and in the world