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Lighthouse Blog: Magellan in Action!

LIGHTHOUSE: noun  light·house  \ ˈlīt-ˌhau̇s a structure (such as a tower) with a powerful light that gives a continuous or intermittent signal to navigators – Merriam-Webster

As an IB school, our entire community is committed to lifelong learning. Whether it’s a special project or performance in a classroom, an educational seminar for parents or an in-depth training for our faculty and staff, the Magellan community is a reflection of the international baccalaureate attributes. We believe that an MIS education is a lighthouse to our entire community, providing continuous or intermittent signals to guide every “Navigator.”

Explore what’s happening at Magellan now, and join us in our community-wide quest to be global citizens and learners throughout our lifetimes.

Bilingualism: Helping Children Improve Cognition and Become More Empathetic

“Rather than creating confusion – as many believed in the past – learning two languages simultaneously actually increases brain elasticity and cognition. Language learners are developing the ability to mentally juggle both languages, enhancing their ability to ignore irrelevant information, switch between tasks and resolve conflict. The skills that multilinguals develop allow them be more thoughtful about their choice of words. Simply put, their brains develop to perceive and process languages differently than those that only speak one language, making them more empathetic individuals.” – Iris Wingrove

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Purposeful Action

by Erin Defosse One of the most powerful pillars of a Magellan education is “purposeful action.” In my experience, when people talk about education the thoughts and ensuing conversations tend to be around learning of information or specific skills.  The...

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Why PreK Matters.

by Bjorn Billhardt One of my very first memories in life is my first day of 1st grade in my hometown of Hamburg, Germany (Kindergarten, despite its German name, is actually not a mandatory grade in Germany). Before my official “Einschulung,” or entry into...

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Teaching Math

Because of my involvement in Magellan, friends are always pointing out useful resources and articles about education.  A friend pointed me to this article about how Jeff Bezos teaches his children math — using a method made popular in China and Singapore: It seems he...

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