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Why Magellan?

The Magellan International School is driven to instill curiosity, passion, and capacity for achievement in its students. But what makes us unique?


Emphasis on how to learn and how to find out
Faculty guide and encourage students to individually develop their talents and take ownership on their path of learning. We have high expectations for the entire community to participate in a rigorous, international education that fosters critical and creative thinking. Rather than focusing on rote memorization or a single, easy path to learning, students develop deeper understanding, longer term retention, interpersonal and team skills, information literacy and critical thinking skills through inquiry-based learning.

International Baccalaureate

Creating a Better World Through Education
Hallmarks of IB education include critical thinking; confidence to challenge the status quo; independence from state-funded educational systems giving the freedom to integrate best practices from across the globe; and focus on both local and global issues.

Inclusive Education

Integrated Community Learning About Others
As an international school, Magellan provides an open platform for individuals of different faiths, backgrounds and philosophies to learn from each other. Magellan supports exploration and discussion of all backgrounds and reflects the global diversity of philosophies.

Differentiated Learning

Tailored instruction to meet individual needs
When it comes to learning methods, one size does not fit all. All students learn across a variety of styles: visual, auditory, read-write and kinesthetic. To support acquisition of common knowledge in each classroom at Magellan, our faculty personalize teaching to help students all reach the same content.


Spanish Immersion/ Mandarin Instruction

Language Literacy For Global Communication
In addition to the profound cognitive effects of multilingualism including enhanced attention and working memory, students at Magellan are developing differentiating skills for their careers and personal lives and the ability to communicate in the top three spoken languages across the globe.

Sustainable Ethos

Minimizing our Ecological Footprint
As we work to create global citizens we build an understanding of our individual and collective impact on our planet. Students and faculty alike are encouraged by no-waste policies, guided to consider their environmental footprint, and inspired to create ways to ensure just communities across the globe. From interdisciplinary projects to school-wide policies, Magellan’s students are acquiring knowledge, skills, attitudes and values to shape a sustainable future.


Welcoming and Reflecting Students and Families from All Backgrounds
In addition to the 17 countries represented by our faculty and 30 countries represented by our students, the Magellan Community welcomes and includes students and families of different religious beliefs, economic and cultural backgrounds, races, nationalities, sexual orientations, genders, physical and mental abilities, and ages. Our community is made up of traditional families, families with same-sex parents, single-parent families, families created through adoption and other types of non-traditional families. All kinds of families are celebrated through curriculum content and social activities.

Invested Community

Highly Involved and Supporting Student Success
Of greatest importance to the Magellan School Community is supporting the success of every student. Parents give their time and treasure generously and are present and involved in school events to strengthen the educational experience. In addition, the teachers of Magellan’s students are commended for the depth of their personal commitment and investment in educating the whole of every child.