What’s Unique About Magellan?

At The Magellan International School, students are provided a unique language immersion education guided by the International Baccalaureate (IB). Language immersion and IB education provide value to students in a number of ways:

  • Scientific and academic research have repeatedly demonstrated significant neurological and psychological benefits to language immersion:
    • better planning, problem solving, analysis and judgement
    • improvements in attention and empathy
    • delayed onset of brain disease
  • Through Spanish Immersion and English and Mandarin instruction, students at Magellan develop the ability to communicate in the top three spoken languages across the world.
  • Magellan embraces and celebrates the differences in our community. Faculty, staff, students and parents are committed to fostering an inclusive community – not just diverse – by reflecting and embracing the unique characteristics of all
  • As an IB World School, curriculum and classroom experiences for Magellan students are focused on understanding concepts and building practical and life-long skills.  Students of Magellan test at or beyond their peers in all subjects, which is the result of intellectual understanding rather than rote memorization and routine testing. Magellan students build skills that transcend cultures.

Social learning is an important part of education at Magellan. Students learn to think about the impact their actions can have on another person, whether that person is on the playground or across the world, and to be action-oriented when it comes to identifying and implementing solutions to problems.

Magellan International School instills the skills and values necessary for students to launch from Austin towards their dream destinations in life, including the Stars!