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Artly World Cultural Immersion Program

Your child is a champion of STEM thinking, but how are they practicing their ability to create and communicate those skills effectively? Creativity and 21st-century interpersonal skills, such as the ability to innovate, design, collaborate, communicate, and empathize with others, are crucial for your child to succeed. To have an edge in today’s professional world, your child needs to be able to innovate and interact with others face-to-face on a human level.

Our cultural immersion program provides a platform for children to hone skills in innovative thinking and effective communication, leadership, and collaboration. Our programs are specially designed for school-age children to practice these skills in a hands-on, interactive manner through communal, play-based learning. Children love our classes because we use engaging music and arts activities in a fun, group-oriented setting. Take a peek into one of our afterschool classes and you’ll see children laughing with their friends as they create art, sing, dance, and play instruments as a group, while building the critical skills they need to create, communicate, and interact with others effectively.

Kinder – 5th


Tuesday OR Wednesday

Jan 15 – May 21


Contact Info


Roshan Manjunath

(512) 298-3432