Written and Created By: Anjali N.P.


Creations are things we do all the time. But during COVID -19 it is very important. It’s one of the most fun things we do to set our minds free from things around us. It’s helpful to know that it is something creative and educational to do during the pandemic. There are many different things you can do to stay creative like hobbies, for example. Hobbies are things we do regularly and are some of our favorite things to do. For example, Biking, running, art, etc. Here are some fun creations you can make that will become a hobby. Here are some art creations I have done over the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Cake Squishy



Sponges, scissors, hot-glue gun


1. Collect 3 different color sponges (I used 2 blue and 1 yellow)

2. Cut the blue and yellow sponges into equally sized triangles and set aside.

3. Plug in a hot glue gun to let it warm up. After 5 minutes your glue gun should be ready to go.

4. Take a blue sponge and place on the workspace put a good amount of hot glue onto the sponge

5. Take a yellow sponge and place it on top of the blue sponge with glue.

6. Once the yellow sponge is placed on the blue sponge add the same amount of hot glue to the yellow sponge you did the blue sponge.

7. Add the last blue sponge to the top of the yellow one with glue.

8. Let the sponges cool and you can make more following these same steps.


Caterpillar Puppet


  1. Sew pom-poms together with thread to create a worm-like shape ( I threaded random colors on mine)
  2. Add googly eyes to the front of the line of pom-poms.
  3. Tie some yarn to the thread in between the pom-poms. 
  4. Attach the end of the string to a popsicle stick with hot-glue
  5. Have a puppet show!

To play: pull the puppet’s head up by pulling one side of the popsicle stick up. To make it walk, pull the head (front) up then move the back up and repeat. 


Donut Plushie


  1. Cut a sock’s bottom where you keep your toes.
  2. Roll up the sock to make a donut shape  add some glue to the bottom of the sock and glue to the rest of the rolled-up sock
  3. Add details and decorations.

These crafts are creative and are fun every time you make them, they never get old! Hobbies can be a little less fun especially when you can’t do them with friends. Here are some hobbies you can do and always have fun.




Poke holes in a pool noodle or water bottle. Put a hose through the pool noodle (or hose) and turn it on. Put on your swimsuit and have fun!


Pool scrabble


If you have a pool this is a perfect game for you. Write letters on sponges. (one letter per  sponge) throw them into a pool and have fun.

To play: swim and get as many letters as possible and bring them to the pool edge. Try to make words. one word gets you 1 point. The one with the most points wins.


Here are the end results of some of the projects!



Cake Squishy 

Caterpillar Puppet