Drama Club After School with Mr. Lucho!

Workshop focused on the dramatic game whose fundamental objectives are to facilitate the free movement of imagination, creative fantasy, expression and communication. A dynamic and fun methodology is used, based on respect for individualities, trust, and mutual support in order to stimulate in the children the gestation of constructive criticism and reflective capacity.

This workshop will be done in Spanish to continue the language acquisition process.

Introduction to the workshop
Group knowledge games
Individual and group body warming
Relaxation techniques
Movement in space
Body expression games
The voice and its importance in the drama
Individual and group skill games
Teamwork in the drama
Coordination games
Relationship with objects
How a scene is created
Types of scenes
How to write a scene
How a character is created


4:00-5:30pm (3:20-4pm students will be in ASC to accommodate for Mr. Lucho’s schedule, free of charge)


January 28 – April 28


20 spots available!

Contact Info


Mr. Lucho (Luis Aya)

(512) 774-0484