Flamenco – Primary

FLAMENQUITOS II Ages 5/7 (Saturdays 9:35-10:20am)

This class is an extension of the flamequitos class, but is a little longer, requiring more focus on their part, but of course they will get more out of it as well!  Help set your little ones on a path filled with dance and music! Zapateado (footwork), Braceo (arms), Floreo (hands) and Compas/Palmas (rhythms and clapping).

FLAMENQUITOS III Ages 7/11 (Saturdays 10:25-11:10am)

This class will cover all of the general technique of flamenco Zapateado (footwork), Braceo (arms), Floreo (hands), Compas/Palmas (rhythms and clapping) and Castanets. Students will work on placement as well as full choreographies.


9:35 – 10:20 AM; 10:25 – 11:10 AM


January 9 – May 15


12 spots available

Contact Info


Genevieve Guinn

(202) 468-8461