Foodie Kids

We’re offering On-Line Cooking Classes! Includes a safety knife, cute cutting board, and all recipes! 

Foodie Kids celebrates over 25 years of teaching kiddos how to cook, providing innovative recipes, diverse ingredients, and professional culinary instructors.

Cooking and baking are lifelong skills that everyone should have. When kids cook for themselves or involved in the process in some capacity, they try a larger variety of foods and are more accepting of different ones they would typically reject.

Each week our kiddos will learn two new recipes using seasonal ingredients. They will learn basic knife skills, vocabulary, math/measurements, and build confidence and pride in a finished product. We also place an emphasis on cuisines from other cultures and countries and that cooking is not just to expand our palate and skills but a way to connect as humans with the one thing we all share – food.

PP4 – 8th

Any Time


September 23 – December 2


Unlimited spots available!

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Bonnie Jay

(512) 346-3333