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Ways to Give

There are many ways that individuals, foundations and corporations can provide financial investment towards the students of Magellan. Explore options below to help maximize your support.

One Time or Monthly Gift

You can make a contribution by mailing or dropping off a check at either campus of the Magellan International School or by going online and giving via credit card. Monthly donations are an easy and common way that donors to MIS give, and you can set up automatic contributions online. These gifts have an immediate impact on education and our students at MIS and are used in the year in which they are given.You can also wire money to the school’s advancement accounts – just call or email us for instructions.

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Did you know that you can significantly reduce your tax liability by donating appreciated stock to Magellan? Donated stock is not held by the school, but sold immediately, and gifts are put directly to work to enhance the Magellan experience. Want to learn more or ready to gift stock? Call or email us for instructions for the transfer!

Matching Gifts

One of the easiest ways to increase the impact of your gift is by checking with your employer’s HR department to see if gifts to nonprofits are matched by the organization. Many will match your gift 1:1, some even up to 3:1 (with generous maximum matches). Usually you will make a gift to Magellan and fill out a form on your employer’s intranet site, and we’ll verify receipt of your gift to ensure the match.

Multi-Year Pledges

Donors may choose to make a longer term investment in The Magellan International School by pledging support for a specific project over a period of years. Most projects supported in this way are capital initiatives (i.e. building projects) or organizational endowment*.

Planned Gifts

For individuals deeply invested and inspired by The Magellan International School, including the school in your estate plans can ensure that your legacy at the school lasts for generations. Whether you direct a percentage or a specific amount to Magellan, these types of gifts often are directed to establish an endowment in the donor’s name and ensure your legacy and perpetual impact on the future success of the school.

*What’s an endowment?  For an organization like The Magellan International School, an endowment is a financial investment account that can be established through contributions to the school. The funds are diversely allocated in investments to maintain –at a minimum–the principal (original value) of the gift and return investment gains which provide annual streams of income for projects that will be ongoing at the school. Examples include technology funds, scholarships and financial aid, library resources, faculty stipends for exceptional research, etc. And in many cases, these funds or projects are named for the donors who receive annual reports on the impact of their gift.

Interested in learning more about supporting the students of Magellan? Email the Head of Advancement & Administration.