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Why give? FAQs

Why doesn’t Magellan just raise tuition instead of fundraising to cover all educational costs?

An essential part of Magellan’s mission is our commitment to welcome students of all backgrounds, including families from a variety of economic situations.  Family financial situations change all of the time, and we want to make sure that students that are thriving at Magellan can stay at Magellan.  That commitment requires annual fundraising from all families.  And through the Magellan Annual Fund and Noche de Gala, gifts from our families and community provide funding of over $1,100 per student to keep a Magellan education more accessible.

If I can only give $10 (or $5, or $1), why should I bother?

Because it shows everyone that you too are committed to supporting our children’s education.  All gifts, big and small, advance us closer to our financial goal, and every gift – regardless of the amount – moves us one step closer to our participation goal.

I already volunteer my time and participate in other fundraisers at the school.  Why should I also give to the Magellan Annual Fund?

Contributions to the Magellan Annual Fund go directly and entirely to support our students and the Magellan experience.  So your impact is the greatest.  In addition, as the school begins to reach out to foundations, measurements of community investment in terms of volunteer time (# of hours) AND philanthropic commitment (% participating) are significant factors in our ability to qualify to receive funding.