Performing Arts

Music Instruction

Through music instruction from Preschool through Middle School, students at MIS learn about rhythm, how to play a variety of instruments and are challenged to play together as an ensemble. Students develop artistically in addition to profound learning through both instrumental and vocal expression. Upon reaching Middle School, students choose an instrument and with individual attention, continue to gain musical proficiency.

Musical Performance

Each year, all students at The Magellan International School prepare and participate in the school’s Winter Concert. This collaborative performance across the grades provides all students the opportunity to express themselves through music, dance and vocals and to represent cultures and traditions from across the world in a professional theater setting. In 2017, the Winter Concert was hosted at the AISD Performing Arts Center with over 1,000 guests in attendance!


In Middle School, our students have the opportunity to study drama. Drama is about experimenting, working individually and as a group, and acquiring tools and possibilities for taking risks as creators/actors.  Students learn theories and the fundamentals that are the basis for theater. They learn about expressions and terms used in the theater, different forms and genres within the performing arts, and understand the critical way to express, respect and value the cultural diversity that theater offers. Each spring, Drama students perform a play in Spanish for our community. These performances are adapted from common storylines and provide our Middle School students the opportunity to participate in a full-scale theatrical production.