Language Learning in Primary School

As student matriculate through Lower Primary School at Magellan (Kinder – 2nd), they learn how to express their ideas clearly and accurately to others and how to read and write in both English and Spanish. Students are exposed to and produce a variety of texts and genres, from fiction/non-fiction to poems and visual media. At the conclusion of 2nd grade, students are able to present and converse effectively using proper pronunciation and grammatical structures, and read and write on a range of subjects confidently and with understanding.

Beginning in 3rd grade, students are introduced to a new language, Mandarin Chinese, while continuing with Spanish Immersion and English Instruction. Chinese Simplified Characters and the Pinyin system are taught at MIS by native speakers and courses focus on developing oral and written communication skills. Students learn to exchange common, everyday thoughts, ideas and information. Students are also exposed to Chinese culture and traditions.

At the conclusion of 5th grade, student progress is assessed through a standardized test: the Youth Chinese Test (YCT) LEVEL I, of which The Magellan International School is an authorized test center. On average, our students are able to speak, read and write 30 phrases in Chinese utilizing over 200 Chinese characters.

Students approach spoken Spanish fluency at the conclusion of 5th grade and reach age level reading and writing skills in both Spanish and English. Through repeated opportunities across grades and units of study, students have a wealth of experience speaking and presenting in front of groups of all sizes at the conclusion of the Primary Years Programme.