Language Learning in Middle School

The Magellan International School places emphasis on both language development and language acquisition and ensures that students acquire a high level of competency in at least one additional language. The robust language program enables students to develop their language skills by engaging with a variety of text types from different cultures and different times.  Students develop a metalinguistic awareness, so they are able to analyze texts and replicate styles of writing and speaking. Students study works of fiction and nonfiction, including print and visual media.

For students who have attended MIS from Primary years through Middle School, our goal for language acquisition at graduation is mastery in two languages (English and Spanish) and basic proficiency in Mandarin. For students who are new to MIS in Middle School, our goal is to facilitate their mastery of English and ensure proficiency in Spanish.

High School credit for Languages

  • Middle School students at MIS are able to receive high school credit for Spanish I – Spanish III courses; students automatically receive Spanish I high school credit from MIS. Credits for Spanish II and III are determined both by their proficiency as well as their interest in placing out of upper level courses.
  • 6th and 7th grade students are divided into two groups, Mandarin A and Mandarin B. Students of Mandarin B group receive Mandarin I high school credit from MIS and Mandarin A group will be determined by the result of Credit By Exam.

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