Language Learning in Preschool @ MIS

We all learn our first language through immersion – as babies and toddlers, we understand the meanings of words and phrases mean before we’re able to speak.  Learning another language as a young child through immersion follows a similar path.

Our preschool program is Spanish Language Immersion. Teachers speak to children in Spanish, and if a child responds in English, the teacher acknowledges the contribution and reinforces the phrase in Spanish. Our teachers are very demonstrative in their teaching style – using pictures, drawings, miming and other strategies to impart the meaning of their words.  Songs, rhymes, and repetition of key phrases also help children gain an understanding of the language.

The children learn new vocabulary words in Spanish through each unit and practice the words as a group.  The units are related to things that interest children – families, transportation, animals, games around the world. Additionally, during the preschool years, our students engage in listening and speaking, viewing and presenting, pre-reading, and pre-writing activities in English with dedicated English language classes multiple times per week. Art and physical education are also taught in English.