“…smaller classes in the 8th grade are linked to significantly higher levels of student engagement and achievement, particularly in urban school districts, with the expected economic benefits from reducing class size in these districts nearly twice the estimated costs.”

Thomas Dee and Martin West

“The Non-cognitive returns to class size,” , Working Paper 13994; April 2008., National Bureau of Economic Research

Middle School

Students that matriculate from our PYP program or join us in middle school will experience a rigorous academic program with small class sizes that allow for individual instruction and differentiated learning. Our students are immersed in Next Generation Science curricula, algebra and algebraic principles, and design class. Middle school students receive personal laptops to expand opportunities for digital learning.

Through the middle school academic classes, students strengthen essential skills for high school, college & professional life, such as public speaking, design thinking, team collaboration and writing. Magellan’s students are evaluated on learning concepts and building skills rather than rote memorization and standardized testing. Through a variety of programs, teachers focus on building confidence, preparing students for high school and beyond, educating about body changes and sexual health, and emphasizing the importance of personal responsibility and independence in all of the Middle School students.

Quick Facts

  • Dual Language (45%, 45%, 10%)
    • 45% taught in English: Math, Science, English Language and Literature
    • 45% taught in Spanish: Humanities, Drama, Music, Visual Arts, Spanish Language and Literature, Design
    • 10% Mandarin Language Instruction
  • Personal, Social & Physical Education program to support students’ personal growth, build personal independence and commitment to ongoing personal, social and physical well-being
  • Educated and experienced staff (two PhD’s, published authors)
  • Small class sizes – more hands-on experience and depth of projects in each discipline
  • Opportunity to earn high school credit in maths (Algebra & Geometry) and language (Spanish 1, 2, 3 and Mandarin 1)
  • Hands-on, individual guidance for high school application process