MYP Mathematics

At Magellan, the MYP Mathematics Program is focused on meeting students where they are, so that we can foster their mathematical problem-solving and creativity and help them appreciate its connection to the world around them. We focus on developing an open and inquiring attitude, strong numeracy skills, an understanding of the applicability of Mathematics in a variety of contexts, the development of inductive and deductive reasoning and mathematical logic and the clarity and rigor in communication and correct terminology.

Students will explore mathematics through units of inquiry that help develop a student’s knowledge and understanding of mathematical concepts and skills, the ability to investigate and justify patterns, the verbal and written language for communicating mathematics correctly, and tools for applying mathematics to solve real-world problems.  Students learn to use tools, such as calculators and computers, appropriately in a variety of situations.

Our MYP math program helps students develop self-confidence, a growth mindset and a problem-solving approach to unfamiliar situations. Curriculum offerings include 6th, 7th and 8th grade mathematics as well as opportunities for differentiation for students with higher aptitude in the subject. From 6th – 8th grade at MIS, students have the opportunity to study:

  • Pre-Algebra,
  • Composite 7/8 Maths (compilation of 7th and 8th grade curriculum into one year),
  • Algebra (includes 8th grade Geometry and high school Algebra), and
  • Geometry (high school level, usually taken in 9th or 10th grade).

High School Credit for Maths

  • Middle School students at MIS are able to receive high school credit for both Algebra and Geometry based upon successful studies at MIS in these courses. This provides students the opportunity to place into Geometry or even Algebra II as freshmen in high school.