MYP Individuals & Societies (Humanities)

Throughout Middle School at MIS, students cover the same branches of Humanities in increasing depth and complexity, each with one or more units of:

  • History, Philosophy, World Religions
  • Geography, Economics, Sociology and Political Science

The study of individuals and societies helps students develop their identities as individuals and learn to be responsible members of local and global communities. Explorations of our common humanity are intrinsically interesting, and concepts across this subject are filled with potential for creating in students a lifelong fascination with “the human story” as it continues to evolve in an era of rapid change and increasing interconnectedness. Studies in individuals and societies are essential for developing empathy and international-mindedness, including the idea that “other people, with their differences, can also be right” (IB mission statement). The curriculum at Magellan is based on the student population’s needs and the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) standards.

Humanities studies at Magellan allow students to:

  • Appreciate human and environmental commonalities and diversity,
  • Understand the interactions and interdependence of individuals, societies and the environment,
  • Understand how both environmental and human systems operate and evolve,
  • Identify and develop concern for the well-being of human communities and the natural environment,
  • Act as responsible citizens of local and global communities, and
  • Develop inquiry skills that lead towards conceptual understandings of the relationships between individuals, societies and the environments in which they live.

Students are taught to identify relevant information and to use it to generate debates, written and visual documents, projects, document based questions, and oral interventions. They either work individually or collaboratively, in order to promote the exchange of ideas that enrich the understanding of the different topics. Assignments are assessed using four criteria/objectives: knowing and understanding, investigating, communicating and thinking critically.