MYP Language and Literature (English & Spanish)

MIS places emphasis on both language development and language acquisition and ensures that students acquire a high level of competency in at least one additional language. In the school’s English Language & Literature program, students expand their language skills by engaging with a variety of text types from different cultures and different times.  Students develop a metalinguistic awareness, so they are able to analyze texts and replicate styles of writing and speaking. They study works of fiction and nonfiction, including print and visual media.

6th Grade Language & Literature

The primary focus in Language & Literature class in 6th grade is mastery of different writing styles, demonstration of the rules of grammar, and the ability to express ideas effectively through multiple forms of communication. Students read a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts including novels, short stories, dramas, poetry, and essays. These writing pieces will model the different writing styles students are developing. Through drama-based instruction, journaling, poetry, and essay writing, students will develop their vocabulary, spelling, and grammar skills. As a community of learners, students will work periodically in cooperative learning situations to present information to peers in collaborative teams as well as individually.

7th Grade Language & Literature

The primary focus of Language & Literature class in 7th grade is to analyze texts deeply by making connections between themes, language, character development, and perspective, while developing our skills in approaching different forms of writing.  This is done through drama techniques, analysis of news events, small group and whole class discussion, journaling, vocabulary study, poetry, and essay writing. Vocabulary, spelling, and supplemental grammar assignments will also be an important part of this class. Students are expected to come to class ready to discuss the assigned reading and add their own interpretations while providing evidence from the text to back up these observations and insights. Students demonstrate the attributes of the learner profile as they learn how to evaluate information critically.

8th grade Language & Literature

By the conclusion of 8th grade, students in Language & Literature will develop the skills required to read and comprehend a variety of literary genres in the English language from the American canon, including poetry, short stories, novels, and dramatic literature as well as write a comprehensive analytic essay about a piece of literature which reflects an understanding of the theme and the ways in which the author uses language to present it. Throughout the year, students will focus on poetry, personal vignettes, dramatic literature, novels and works from major literary figures, refining their skills while preparing for the academic rigors of high school and beyond.