Human Development (HD)

Human Development (HD) classes provide comprehensive, age-appropriate, medically accurate sexual health education to students. We teach information and skills that will protect students and empower them to be safe and responsible. Before classes are taught, parents are invited to attend Grade Level Parent Meetings, in which the curriculum is reviewed and any questions from parents can be addressed. We believe that parents are important in helping their children navigate healthy relationships, boundaries, safety, and the messages they receive from peers, social media/internet, media, cultural influences, religious/spiritual beliefs, and family. School Counselors strive to support parents to create that open dialogue with their children about topics covered in human development and beyond. HD classes are conducted during four consecutive weeks during a specified Unit of Inquiry. Before each HD class, blogs are posted about the class lesson, and after each HD class, reflections about the material covered and questions that came up in class are shared through blogs