Primary School

Students in Magellan’s primary school are challenged daily to learn new concepts and prepare for Middle School while refining their understanding of concepts, developing deeper knowledge, mastering lifelong skills, strengthening personal attitudes and initiating actions to create change. Learning is facilitated by our highly qualified teachers and guided by the world-renown International Baccalaureate curriculum through units of study throughout the year. Units provide students the opportunity to build deep understanding, conceptual learning and interdisciplinary relationships of the topic, integrating math, science, language, social studies and arts lessons throughout.

Through 2nd grade, students are immersed in Spanish 70-80% of the time, and English in 20-30%. Magellan students learn how to read and write in both Spanish and English, and also learn how to write in cursive, a skill that has nearly disappeared in schools today. With the introduction of Mandarin instruction in 3rd grade, Magellan students build communication skills in the top three spoken languages in the world (Spanish, English and Mandarin).

Individual and group transdisciplinary projects allow students to strengthen their unique interests and talents and prepare for the demands of Middle School at Magellan or beyond. Projects include designing simple machines in Kinder to full product life-cycle development in 2nd grade, all providing students the opportunity to build skills in communication, collaboration and teamwork. The culminating project of the Primary Years Programme is the 5th grade exhibition, requiring year-long individual and group evaluation of social issues facing the world, and collaborative work to analyze and present solutions.

On average, our Primary Students score above their peers at other public and private schools across the globe, and frequently place in local and state academic competitions. Whether writing literary prose in Spanish or completing complex engineering challenges, our students are thriving at Magellan and beyond.

Quick Facts:

  • Language Immersion
    • Kinder to 2nd: 70-75% Spanish, 25-30% English
    • 3rd to 5th: 60-65% Spanish, 25-30% English, 10% Mandarin
  • Personal, Social & Physical Education program to support students’ personal growth, build personal independence and commitment to ongoing personal, social and physical well-being
  • Focus on knowledge and conceptual understanding, skill building and developing personal attitudes
  • Mathematics learning guided by Singapore Math (MIS does not follow the sequence of Singapore Math but does incorporate the scope of lessons across its IB curriculum)