iPianoLab Keyboard Clubs are the fresh, fun way to learn piano or keyboard, ONLINE! While most traditional methods focus on months of drills and boring “baby” tunes before a students gets to play real music, iPianoLab teaches kids the keyboard basics on engaging songs they really like! Imagine Dragons, Spongebob, Super Mario Bros, Star Wars, Havana, Old Town Road, Dance Monkey, and even Bach and Beethoven are all in reach, right from the first lesson! iPianoLab puts the emphasis on student accomplishment, and a child who likes practicing is a child who can make rapid progress on the instrument!

And iPianoLab isn’t just fun, but a comprehensive course that teaches ALL the keyboard basics in a fast paces, interactive small group setting. We’ve been doing online lessons for years and our innovative, easy-to-understand VISUAL approach lends itself PERFECTLY to online learning in a small group with both our live iPianoLab Instructors AND our virtual lesson library!

Students can join at any time throughout the year and learn new skills within each 6-week level!

No Keyboard at home? Inquire about inexpensive used keyboards from our fleet, starting at $39. All learning materials and songs provided!

When registering, select “Online”->”Group”->”Magellan” to be with your Magellan friends!


3:45 – 4:45 PM


Ongoing virtual sessions

(Thursday) January 30 – May 14


6 slots available per class!

Contact Info


Steve Catanzaro