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Rob Hengel

Director of Information Technology
Rob Hengel has an extensive background in technology infrastructure that spans three decades and encompasses academic, military, and private sectors. Born in Kingsville, Texas, Rob's personal & professional journey has taken him to diverse locales including the Bay Area and Hawaii.
While in Hawaii, he studied in Communication and Information at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Following his academic pursuits, he directed Information Technology for the Military Health System's management activity in the Pacific, a role that gave him valuable experience in a high-stakes environment.
Before joining Magellan, Rob served as the IT Systems Manager at Rawson Saunders School, where he built upon his professional skills in technology management.
Rob makes his home in South Austin. When he's not navigating the tech world, you'll find him hitting the running trails or planning the next travel adventure with his wife, Dr. Nadia Cone, and their two daughters. Their shared love for exploration makes every family trip an exciting chapter in their story.