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Little Medical School

Students in Little Medical School program will learn by doing interactive demonstrations, crafts, and games to learn how the body and organs work, to learn how to use instruments that real doctors use. Students are introduced to administer first aid, CPR, physical exam, eye exam, and even tie knots like a real surgeon. Each student receives their own stethoscope that works. Each child receives a diploma as a graduate of Little Medical School at the completion of the course.

Weekly Syllabus:
What is in the Doctor’s Bag?
All about the Heart
All about the Lungs
Digesting Digestion
Is there a Surgeon in the House?

First Aid
The Wonderful Brain
That is Gross
Your Spine is Fine

The Exciting Eye
Did You Hear That?
CPR and Heimlich Maneuver
Food is Fuel
Broken Bones

Medical Fun and Graduation




January 28 – May 15


6 – 10 spots available!

Contact Info


Andrew Phan

(832) 748-7789