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Little Veterinarian School

In Little Veterinarian school I & II (12 weeks program) – All about Dogs, students will learn how to perform physical exam for their dogs, understand the importance of proper nutrition & hydration, discuss what to do when a dog is injured. They learn about lacerations and proper care of stiches, how to inspect for and properly remove ticks, how to give medicine to a dog, vaccinations. They also learn how the body builds immunities, discuss the different types of radiographs, how they are taken and perform radiologists’ role. They examine dogs’ vision and learn about what it takes to become a Vet and types of Veterinary careers. They will develop the love of medical careers and learn discipline in taking care of their health and their pets’ health.




September 13 – December 13

$218 to $260/12 weeks (click for current price and discount for early bird registration)

16 spots available

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(832) 748-7789