Magellan in Action!

As an IB school, our entire community is committed to lifelong learning. Whether it’s a special project or performance in a classroom, an educational seminar for parents or an in-depth training for our faculty and staff, the Magellan community is a reflection of the international baccalaureate attributes!

Explore what’s happening at Magellan now, and join us in our community-wide quest to be global citizens and learners throughout our lifetimes.

Students Supporting Ecuador

On April 16, 2016, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake occurred along the coast of Ecuador, causing widespread damage and killing over 650 citizens and leaving hundreds of thousands homeless and without access to the basic necessities of life.  In response, one of... read more

Celebrating Our New Science Lab

After months of development and hundreds of generous community contributions, Magellan is excited to present the opening of our new science lab! The updated lab is now equipped with new counters and sinks to aid in experimenting, refrigeration and an oven to observe... read more