Celebrating Our New Science Lab

Apr 26, 2016 | Community in Action

After months of development and hundreds of generous community contributions, Magellan is excited to present the opening of our new science lab! The updated lab is now equipped with new counters and sinks to aid in experimenting, refrigeration and an oven to observe the chemical and physical effects of temperature change, and a dishwasher to sterilize all of the lab materials after experiments. Over the course of the day, students used our new materials to complete multiple experiments under the oversight of the Middle School science teacher, Jennifer Barnett.

Afterwards, the students reflected on how the new lab will enhance their ability to “learn and develop as IB students” (Nicolas, 6th) and to be “citizens of the new world” (Isabel, 5th), with Nathan (3rd) presenting his own donation¬†towards the science lab! Our big success isn’t over, though; during the summer, we are planning to purchase additional equipment as well as a range of chemicals for the students to (carefully) handle in future lessons. We at Magellan International School would like to thank the community, parents, and students once more for all of the hard work and generosity they’ve shown in helping to make this project a reality!