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Sustainability Programs at Magellan

In 2010, Magellan established its first sustainability program to lead and support initiatives and activities that foster sustainability within the school, enhance its mission, and promote the IB learning profile.

Sustainability in action at Magellan

  • Nutrition and Wellness – Promote informed choices to achieve a balance in nutrition and well-being.
  • Service Learning – Cultivate community interactions with local and international organizations.
  • Organic Gardening – Provide opportunities for outdoor learning through gardening including the Gardening Club.
  • Zero Waste – Reduce the amount of waste generated by the school through reducing, reusing, recycling, upcycling and composting.
  • Non-Toxic Commitment – Identify ways to promote a healthy school environment and reduce toxins via water, food, air and cleaning products.
  • Renewable Energy and Conservation – Promote actions to address MIS’ carbon footprint including Cool the Earth Campaign and Austin Energy Green Choice.

In addition, Magellan is an active partner with Green Gate Farms (Magellan Community Supported Agriculture) and Texas Coffee Traders (Magellan Organic Blend).

Field Trips & Subject Matter Expert Speakers

Magellan also maintains partnerships for field trips and subject-matter expert speakers with organizations whose sustainable values are in alignment with the schools’ including:

  • Families In Nature
  • Green Gate Farms
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Hausbarn Farm
  • McKinney Roughs Nature Park
  • National Wildlife Federation
  • Sanctuary Holistic Kitchen
  • Sustainable Food Center
  • Ten Thousand Villages
  • Tesla
  • Texas Family Outdoor
  • Texas Park & Wildlife
  • Wheatsville Coop

Becoming an Eco-School! 

In 2016, The Magellan International School will be working to secure designation as an Eco-School.
Eco-Schools is the largest sustainable school program in the world and is operated by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE). Schools that are certified in the program undergo a thorough application process and succeed in organizing and implementing a comprehensive assessment of their school. The Eco-Schools USA program is run by the National Wildlife Federation, and the program is made up of seven steps, incorporating a variety of environmental pathways.
Our school is currently working in the following pathways: Energy, Consumption and Waste, Sustainable Food, and Healthy Living. We hope to obtain the NWF EcoEco-Schools award next school year.

Healthy Eating Around Magellan!

In addition to a focus on healthy eating habits at Magellan, as a part of their Primary Years Program Exhibition, a group from 5th grade researched and built a map of locations around Magellan to find healthy food. This is a great tool and resource for our entire community and an important achievement for the students.