Magellan Hosts Symposium on the 21st Century Learner

Jan 5, 2016 | Community in Action, Magellan In Action

On Monday, January 4, 2016, The Magellan International School had the pleasure of hosting the first annual Education Series for Private Schools in Austin, Changing the Course – The 21st Century Learners. The full day symposium was offered to private school educators and interested community members and featured local and international experts on supporting students to succeed in a changing world. Keynote speakers, breakout sessions, panel discussion with experts, and informational booths were a part of the symposium hosted at Magellan’s Anderson Lane campus in North Central Austin.

Magellan is proud to be an advocate and champion for topics on education and a visionary leader for this educational series.  “The education that The Magellan International School provides to Austin Preschool, Primary and Middle School students is remarkably different than traditional public and private school experiences,” says Erika Velez, Deputy Head of School and coordinator for the symposium. “We are preparing our students for a future world, economies and lifestyles that are unknown by developing skills in leadership, communication, inquiry, international-mindedness, sustainability and collaboration.  Magellan is setting the course for the future of education, both here at the school and within our marketplace.”

For more information about the full program please go to Changing the Course – PROGRAM.