Middle School (6th – 8th grades)

At Magellan International School our Middle School students learn through critical thinking and inquiry rather than repetitious memorization techniques. Students are challenged and engaged daily in seminars, group and individual projects, presentations, and performances. We focus on “developing students into not merely passive learners, but active thinkers and doers”. Learn more about our Program.

Our school prepares children to thrive as global citizens of the 21st century with the knowledge, skills and values to make informed and intelligent decisions in an increasingly competitive world and to champion sustainability and understanding. We are a united community of different cultures committed to world-class education and lifelong learning.


In the 21st Century, where information is constantly changing and readily available on any PC, competencies matter far more than content coverage.

Tony Wagner

Co-Director, Harvard University's Change Leadership Group, Would You Hire Your Own Kids? 7 Skills Schools Should Be Teaching Them

What’s different about Magellan’s Middle School program?

  1. International faculty and student body, representing 16 and 24 countries, respectively.
  2. Significant project-based, interdisciplinary work.
  3. Small class sizes provide access to enriching and rigorous academic opportunities to ALL students.
  4. Service Learning integrated across the curriculum.
  5. Strong STEM programs, including data analysis and design, and 1:1 laptop program for MYP students.
  6. Opportunity for mastery in two languages (Spanish and English) and proficiency in one (Mandarin).
  7. Differentiated education delivered by highly qualified faculty.
  8. Learning team to support student success and high school placement.

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