Middle School

Magellan International School’s Middle School curriculum – the Middle Years Programme (MYP) – is authorized by the International Baccalaureate (IB). Students learn in a collaborative environment with strong curricular opportunities across STEM disciplines and literature, language and humanities.

Our Middle School students participate in significant project-based, interdisciplinary work to deepen their conceptual understanding by looking at problems through a variety of lenses and exploring a variety of solutions with classmates. Support Services and Learning is offered to all students to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to reach his or her academic potential.

Learning Environment

With small classes, we don’t have to restrict access to advanced and enriching academic experiences – they are a part of EVERY student’s experience. Our students build collaborative skills that are essential in today’s university and workplace settings.

Some benefits of small classes include:

  • Allows for personalization and planning to strengths
  • Fosters relationships across year groups and phases
  • Provides opportunities for leadership building – there’s no crowd to hide behind!
  • Allows students to have voice in how they learn

“…smaller classes in the 8th grade are linked to significantly higher levels of student engagement and achievement, particularly in urban school districts, with the expected economic benefits from reducing class size in these districts nearly twice the estimated costs.”

Thomas Dee and Martin West

“The Non-cognitive returns to class size,” , Working Paper 13994; April 2008., National Bureau of Economic Research