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Magellan’s Middle School science curriculum is guided by Next Generation Science Standards, a national initiative to ensure interdisciplinary connections across disciplines.  Our middle school students study topics from sound to data analysis to physics and design and because of our small classes all students get to have access to all Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) programs.


Both Singapore Math and the Common Core guide Magellan’s middle school mathematics curriculum. In middle school, students continue to follow, where appropriate, concrete to pictorial to abstract methods introduced in elementary school to promote deep understanding of mathematical concepts. Algebraic principles are instilled in early elementary mathematics curriculum at Magellan and carry through into middle school math curriculum.


All middle school students are provided with a laptop at Magellan. Technology is integrated and utilized across all subject areas.

Each Magellan student participates in Design class, learning full-life-cycle development of a product from needs analysis through product delivery.  Students design solutions to real world problems using digital technology and/or physical products.