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Support Services & Resources

Students at Magellan benefit from being part of a small school where individual needs are noted quickly and students can be given expert support by trained professionals. The teachers, working in close consultation with the counsellor, develop strategies and implement measures to support students with mild to moderate learning difficulties. They also give support to all students as they transition from childhood into adolescence.

Academic Support and Enrichment

Magellan’s SSR  team provides Tutoring, Language Leveling, Extension, Social and Emotional Learning class workshops, Teacher Education and Parent Education.  In addition, SSR personnel work closely with all teachers to provide early identification and intervention counseling and guidance for behavioral and mild to moderate learning disabilities in the classroom.  

High School Counseling

Towards the end of 7th grade, and continuing into 8th grade, our placement specialists/counselors engage with students on a regular basis to understand the student’s strengths and areas of growth.  The counselor works with students on several key areas during the middle school years including developing an individual, long-term goal plan that builds on their specific interests, identifying high schools aligned with each student’s skills and guiding parents and students through the high school application process.

Physical and Health Education

Physical and Health Education modules incorporate sexual education curriculum for age appropriate learning.  We are focused on keeping students’ self-esteem in tact, encouraging them to reach their individual potential and seeing outside of themselves.

Learning Differences

The SSR team supports a range of aspects of learning including: learning disabilities/dyslexia, developmental disabilities, language acquisition and literacy, speech language/communication difficulties, sensory integration, emotional or behavioral needs and exceptionality in the area of gifted and talented education.  Magellan is able to serve children with mild to moderate learning disabilities as well as gifted children.  Any recommended tutoring, enrichment or therapy sessions can be accommodated during the school day or after school hours.

The Support Services & Resources Team supporting our Middle School students includes:

  • John Wells – Head of Middle School
  • Colleen Brunell, LMSW – School Counselor
  • Sandra Chen – Mandarin as a Foreign Language Learner Program – Teacher

Additional information may be found at:
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