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MYP Visual Arts

Every person has the ability to be creative. Learning to think critically and creatively enables us to analyze situations, revisit challenges, create possible solutions, and innovates our way into a better future.

Creativity is the foundations of the arts; it permeates the skill and structure of artwork. Creativity is what makes the audience pause to take a closer look at a work of art; to examine what it might be that thrills the viewer, what excites the senses, what titillates the perceptions. Artists create, paint, draw, …injecting their personal signature into their work, making their own thought into an idea with their individual perception in an unique way or approach. The process of making ideas a reality using the skills and practices of visual art is an integral part of the MYP curriculum.

In visual arts, students will:

Know and understand:

  • Art styles, movements, artists´ practices, and specific artworks.
  • The use of specialist terminology and principles required by the visual art form being developed, for example, the vocabulary of expressionist painting.
  • The language of visual communication


  • Technical skills, skills of observation and practical aspects of visual art that allow specific artworks.
  • Skills to investigate and respond to art styles, art movements, artists´ practices and specific artworks
  • Knowledge of existing visual art practices to influence and shape their artwork

Think creatively:

  • Through creative approaches to art-making
  • Through manipulation of medium and tool to influence the presentation of artworks
  • By developing series of visual images to document through processes in creation of art

Respond to visual art:

  • Using stimuli or a personal concern that can be interpreted using an art form, styles or genre
  • By developing an artwork in response to the works of a particular genre, style or artist
  • By deconstructing the elements of art in an artwork and reconstructing them differently