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After School Care, Day Camps, and Break Camps

Many of the Magellan Families take advantage of our after school care and activities, extending the day until 6 PM. Based upon your family needs, you can sign up for five or three days of care per week, or take advantage of our “bridge care” service, which allows for a later pick-up at 4pm. If you should ever need drop-in care, please email and your child’s teacher by the day of, and we’ll make sure they get to the right room for ASC. Cost for drop-in care is $35/day.

In addition, day camps and break camps are provided during the school year on many Magellan holidays and breaks. These camps are run by our very own Magellan staff members, and hours are similar to regular school drop off and dismissal.

Billing for any of the following activities is done through TADS.

Use this form to register for After School Care, Fall or Spring Break Camps, Day Camps, and MIS Clubs

  • After School Care
    • 5 days / week = $2,600/year
      • Annual Fee: $2,500 due August 1st ($100 discount)
      • Semi-Annual Fee: $1,275 due August 1st & November 1st ($50 discount)
      • Monthly Fee: $260 due each month, August 1st – May 1st
    • 3 days / week = $1,660/year
      • Annual Fee: $1,560 due August 1st ($100 discount)
      • Semi-Annual Fee: $805 due August 1st & November 1st ($50 discount)
      • Monthly Fee: $166 due each month, August 1st – May 1st
    • Bridge Care (5 days / week until 4:00pm, offered at both campuses)
      • Monthly Fee: $70 due each month, August 1st – May 1st
  • Fall (October 14-18, 2019) or Spring (March 16-20, 2020) Break Camp
    • $300 for all 5 days or $70 / day
  • Day Camp for Professional Development days
    • $125 for both days or $70 / day
  • MIS Clubs
    • Destination Imagination
    • Model United Nations
    • Entrepreneur’s Club powered by $tartUp Kid’s Club

After School Activities

Through partners, a variety of after-school activities are offered on a semester basis. These programs offer once/week activities that allow students to further develop interest in, from flamenco to coding, from drones to tennis, or from art to martial arts! Use the filters below to see what options are available for each grade / day.

  • Day of the week

  • Grade

Yoga and Mindfulness

Movement: For strength, flexibility & coordination

Breath: Learn to use the breath as a tool to calm down & relieve stress

Mindfulness & Relaxation: Learn to calm the mind and body

Play: We teach yoga, yogic theory & meditation to kids in a playful, age appropriate way!

1st – 5th



Mar 26 – May 28


Contact Info


Paula Polka

(415) 341-2921


Sportball is designed to help children develop the skills and confidence they need to get in the game of basketball, soccer, baseball, volleyball, football, hockey, tennis, and golf! Our passionate and highly trained coaches break down games into kid-sized bites of fun that promote the fundamentals and encourage teamwork. Kids play and learn a new sport each week as they progress their abilities and knowledge in sports!


3:00-4:00pm at Chimney

3:20-4:20pm at Anderson

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

Tues: Mar 26 – May 28

Thurs: Mar 28 – May 30

Fri: Mar 29 – May 31


Contact Info


Mike Kriese

(512) 407-8814

Madrid Sports Academy

The purpose of Madrid Sports Academy, and our main objective is to develop an after school enrichment program that utilized sports activities (e.g., FÚTSAL or Indoor Soccer) for elementary school children. We also hope to facilitate cross-cultural understanding between the United States and Spain.



Tuesday, Thursday

Tues: Mar 26 – May 28

Thurs: Mar 14 – May 23


Contact Info


Óscar Sánchez Acedo

(512) 839-8336

Fencing with Austin Fencer’s Club

Fencing is one of the oldest sports still contested at the Olympics. It trains bodies and minds; develops fitness, agility, critical thinking, and good sportsmanship all at once. Fencing builds strength, stamina, and reflexes, while teaching students to think analytically and solve problems.

After-school classes will include fitness, games, footwork, and monitored bouting as students grow into more accomplished athletes.

2nd – 8th

2nd-5th grades: 3:20-4:20pm

6th-8th grades: 4:30-5:30pm


April 4 – May 23


Contact Info


Ben Parkins


Drone Genius

-TECH: You will learn the exciting world of operating drones by using basic coding to design flight plans, mapping coordinates and completing flight missions using flight software.


-FLIGHT: You’ll be paired with a ‘flight pack’ (drone + iPad) on Day 1! Together you and your drone-partner will learn everything you need to know in order to be safe, legal and friendly in the missions and games that lie ahead for the rest of the session. Throughout the term, you’ll also learn the mechanics of flight so you’ll understand ‘why’ drones work. You’ll learn engineering, teamwork, problem solving, programming, math and physics in a completely exciting way. There are always new pieces added to this exciting field of study so you can join us season after season and always try something new.

2nd – 5th



Mar 28 – May 6


Contact Info


Robin Perez

(512) 375-1182

Architecture and Kids

The program introduces young kids to a world of architectural studies, where the boundaries between science and art are blurred, just as much as the separation between discovery and imagination.

Activities include sketching/drawing, design projects, model-making, and virtual field trips that explore topics about history, the present, and the future.

1st – 5th



Mar 26 – May 28


Contact Info


Sharon George

(512) 655-3524