MIS offers intramural sports and school athletic programs to allow students to experience and enjoy the fun of sports while learning more about themselves.  Sports allow for students to stay physically active in a supervised environment, help develop self-confidence and create a culture of teamwork & collaboration. Through sports at MIS, students are asked to be balanced, open-minded, principled, communicators and thinkers as well as challenging them to become knowledgeable about the activities they are participating in, caring about their fellow teammates and opponents, and to be reflective about their experience throughout the season.   Our students can be risk-takers when partaking in an activity they may be experiencing for the first time.

Athletic coaches are empathetic and understanding individuals with the goal of making this experience for each student a positive and lasting life-long memory.  Middle School students define their individual goals for each sport to help develop athletes who are knowledgeable and prepared for high school team tryouts.

Below are a list of activities students are offered here at Magellan and  grade-levels are able to participate.