After School Clubs

In fall 2018, The Magellan International School began offering enriching after school club activities, providing students with the opportunity to build upon classroom skills and compete and collaborate with others beyond our school community.

Clubs are facilitated by faculty moderators and/or parent volunteers. Each has been established to further enhance specific skills already cultivated by the IB program. Details about each club can be found below.

  • Model United Nations Club
    • Grades 4th-8th (3rd grade students admitted upon Moderator approval)
    • Wednesdays
    • 3:20-5:00pm
    • First Day: September 11, 2019
  • Destination Imagination Club
    • Rising Stars (grades 1st-2nd) & Competitive (3rd-8th)
    • Thursdays
    • 3:20-5:00pm (unless otherwise stated by your DI Team Manager)
    • First Day: September 12, 2019
  • Entrepreneur’s Club (powered by Start-Up Kids Club)
    • Grades 3rd-5th (2nd grade students admitted upon Moderator approval)
    • Fridays
    • 4:00-5:00pm (ASC Bridge Care from 3:20-4:00pm included in cost)
    • First Day: August 30, 2019
    • Entrepreneurship Accelerator Club (powered by Start-Up Kids Club) for MYP will be a quarterly elective that students can choose to participate in from 3:00-4:00pm every Friday, and will have a separate information & registration to be released with the other MYP elective offerings during the first week of school.

Cost for each Club is $300/year. Registration for Clubs is available via Google Form here.

Destination Imagination (DI)

Destination Imagination is team-based club where students solve open-ended Challenges through the use of science, technology, engineering, mathematics and fine arts. Meeting weekly after school, students participate in “instant challenges” to help teams learn how to quickly assess a situation, make a plan, and work together to create a solution in a very short period of time and also collaborate on “team challenges” throughout the year.

Team Challenges are selected by each team who then collaborate on a solution together over a period of months. Teams may compete in competitions, presenting their challenge solution against other DI teams from other regions, states or countries.

Students at MIS may participate in the following levels:

  1. Rising Stars (non-competitive, 1st – 2nd Grade)
  2. Elementary Level (competitive, 1st – 5th Grade)
  3. Middle School Level (competitive, 6th – 8th Grade)

Learn more about Destination Imagination.

Entrepreneur’s Club, powered by StartUp! Kids Club

Austin is a hot-bed of start-ups across industries, with a rich community of entrepreneurs. The Magellan International School community – parents and students alike – is no different comprising of entrepreneurs and small business owners in a myriad of industries. Beginning in 2nd grade, students actively learn full life-cycle product development and many have continued to build their business beyond the walls of the school. Interest in entrepreneurship – both traditional and social – is common within our community.

Students interested in participating in the MIS Entrepreneur’s Club, powered by StartUp! Kids Club, will receive more in-depth and 1:1 support to start and grow a business. Through biweekly meetings, field trips and competitions, students will gain the skills to create a business plan, pitch their idea for funding and sales and produce goods and services. Curriculum and teaching for this club is provided by StartUp! Kids Club, an Austin-based non-profit organization dedicated to cultivating entrepreneurship in youth. Experts aligned with weekly topics will provide real world insight to students and will mentor students as they continue to develop their business.

Students with defined business ideas will be mentored and supported to participate in fall and/or spring Children’s Business Fair competitions in the Austin area. Those without defined ideas will be encouraged to attend the fair and also learn as judges or audience members at Pitch-A-Kid competitions. All students will visit incubator spaces in Austin as well as strategic corporate spaces to learn more about topics such as manufacturing, marketing, inventory management, distribution, etc.


Model UN (MUN)

Model UN is an education simulation in which students have the opportunity to learn about diplomacy, resolution of conflict, the international system and international politics. MUN Club will meet weekly throughout the entire year and learn through lecture, learner-centered small groups, group discussions and presentations, debates, action cycle (IB), individual inquiry, peer-revision, and MUN simulations.

In collaboration with the Global Elementary Model United Nations organization, students will become delegates of specific nations and work towards participation in the GEMUN Global Conference in May of each year. Conference attendees will participate in role playing through a general assembly, council and committee meetings as well as delegate caucusing.

Students in grades 3rd – 8th at MIS may participate in Model UN.

Learn more about Global Elementary Model of United Nations.