On Thursday, May 26, the 5th grade students presented the results of their year-long research projects and culimination of knowledge throughout the their years at Magellan at the Primary Years Programme (PYP) exhibition. The exhibition demonstrates the development and learning of each student in the 5 essential elements of the PYP program – knowledge, skills, concepts, attitudes and actions – and is a time of celebration and sharing with community.

After exploring and inquire about a global or local issue and inquiring, students propose a solution or relevant action to combat the issue. The project is a collaborative work with groups of students organizing time, planning together, listening to others ideas and making decisions as a group – challenging tasks for anyone, and in particular for children 10-11 years old.

The student groups chose topics such as combatting discrimination and racism, healthy eating and lifestyles, immigration, sustainability and bullying. During the project, the teams explored all of the attributes of the learning profile and self assess throughout the year. Students are challenged to do effective, relevant and quality research and citing. In particular, communicative skills continue to be developed in both formal and informal ways, through written, oral and visual mediums – in English and Spanish.

At the end of the Exhibition, the entire class performed a group creative performance with “How We Express Ourselves” as the theme for the performance. Congratulations to the 5th grade students and all of the faculty and parents who supported them through this year’s Exhibition!