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3rd Grade Overnight Field Trip

The objective of the 3rd Grade Overnight Field Trip is to help our students become lifelong learners, develop independent social skills in a caring environment and promote participation in the world around them in the ultimate “beyond the classroom” experience. Johnson Space Center provides a unique hands-on experience that supplements our inquiry based learning program in multiple science related activities.

My daughter had a fantastic time at the field trip. She came home telling me dozens of exciting facts about astronauts and space travel, and she really learned from the hands-on enrichment activities. Thank you to everyone who worked hard to coordinate and execute the trip!!

Who is going
The 3rd grade students and teachers, as well as other school employed chaperones for a minimum ratio of 7 students to 1 teacher/staff at Johnson Space Center.

A charter bus with safety belts will transport students and teachers to Houston, hotel and Space Center.

Teachers will be very busy during the trip and will not be able to respond to individualized parent communication. To keep the parents informed, teachers will give periodic broadcast updates and communication to parents through text messages. They will only contact individual’s parent if needed.

Overnight Accommodations
The group will obtain a block of rooms at a hotel minutes away from the Johnson Space Center. 4 children of the same gender and two adults will be in each room. Adults will be sleeping in their own bed and some children will bring sleeping bags to sleep on the floor. Chaperones will manage students and allow teachers to dress for the day. Students will not be bathing at the hotel.

The buses will be stocked with snacks and water, following Magellan food guidelines. We will ask your student to bring a sack lunch the day of departure to be eaten en route to Houston. Parents should let field trip coordinators know if there is a conflict with food allergies or if you need to provide specialized meals/snacks.

There will be an out-of- pocket cost per child. At this time, we estimate a cost of $250 – $290 per child. We want all students to be able participate. We DO HAVE donations earmarked for full and partial scholarships!!  If you need any financial assistance, please email to inquire. All inquiries are kept confidential.

Parent Involvement
The primary objective for this overnight field trip is to provide a unique learning opportunity for our children. But a second objective is for the children to have an independent experience and bond with their classmates. On that note, parent chaperones will only participate to provide supervision during the overnight portion of the hotel stay. Their role will be to greet the students upon arrival at the hotel at 9pm, stay with their assigned group of 4 students during the night, and then help get students to breakfast, packed up, and on the bus the following morning. Parents will not be staying in the same room as their own child.

Students who are not able to participate
While students are encouraged to attend, we realize that this trip may not be appropriate for all students and their families. The goal for students who don’t attend the field trip is to provide them with educational activities and material similar to what is being offered to students on the trip. There will be no cost associated unless going offsite for a local field trip. Students who stay in Austin will still participate in their regularly scheduled specials classes, including English and Mandarin.

Student Safety
The school has carefully vetted procedures and protocols in preparation for the trip. Some of these protocols include:
◦ For the overnight accommodations, there will be 2 chaperones per hotel room
◦ No children will be sleeping in beds with adults
◦ No children will sleep in the same bed together unless in separate zipped sleeping bags
◦ All chaperones will have background checks

School administrators hope these procedures will alleviate concerns so that your child can attend the 3rd-grade field trip to NASA. If you do not feel this is a good fit for your child we will have other educational activities planned for students who remain in Austin.

Forms and Policies for Overnight Field Trips

Primary Years Programme (PYP) Overnight Field Trips (3rd – 5th):
Administration of Medication Form
Letter from School Nurse
Overnight Student Behavior Policy
Overnight Travel Emergency Plan
Safety Protocols for Overnight Trips
2018-2019 3rd Grade Field Trip Permission Slip
2018-2019 3rd Grade Information Sheet
Travel & Health Policy – 3rd Grade Trip
Parent Consent – Food Allergies, 3rd Grade