Written By: Taran T.


Ok, if you are a huge American football fan, you will know about the star Patrick Mahomes or Pat. Pat was drafted with the 10th pick by the Kansas City Chiefs in the 2017 NFL draft. The 2017 NFL draft had great players like Myles Garret, Deshaun Watson, TJ Watt, Dalvin Cook & Marshawn Lattimore. But some were a bust! Like: The 2nd overall pick Mitchell Trubisky, and the 9th overall pick John Ross. Most players that are drafted can turn out to be a huge bust in the future. Drafting is not an easy thing.


Now let’s talk about Patrick Mahomes. After he got drafted he had to sit out on the bench as a backup. After that season, they traded their veteran quarterback: Alex Smith. And, let’s just say that the following season Patrick Mahomes led the Chiefs to an Afc championship! The game was a twist. They were down 14 nothing in the first half. Then Patrick Mahomes led them to a 31-31 tie. But sadly Tom Brady and the Patriots won in overtime for a 37-31 win. But sometimes stars need to lose to win in the future.


The following season Pat led the Chiefs to a great season! They were 12-14 in the league and they got a wild card bye. They played the Texans for the divisional round. They were down 24-0. But with Pat’s Magic, they won 51-31! In the AFC championship, they beat the Titans. And then finally they beat the 49ers 31-20 for the Superbowl win.


In 2021 they made it to the Superbowl again! But sadly they lost to the Bucs. Patrick Mahomes truly is an amazing player, in his future, he could make the hall of fame or be a bust. We will see!