Written By: Taran T. 



Google Chrome– Most common search engine



1. Google Chrome is the most common search engine in the world as of 2021. 

2. Over 90% of people around the world use GoogleIt is very simple to use

3. Google is very simple in a good way, it is really easy to get where you want to go really fast. You can also personalize, organize, and do a lot of other stuff.



1. Relating to that Google Chrome is very simple, if you want more details, Google Chrome  may not be the browser for you


Neutral Opinion: Even though it is simple, it is very easy to use and it is the most common search engine around the world.


Visit Chrome at Google Chrome – Download the Fast, Secure Browser from Google

Edge – Edge is a browser made by Microsoft



  1. Edge is a really detailed server. There are bookmarks, settings, and you can personalize your screen.

  2. They have something called vertical tabs, which is a different and useful way to store your tabs.



  1. At first glance, Edge may be a little difficult to use.


Neutral Opinion: Even though Edge may be difficult to use at first, it is a really detailed browser with lots of options to use.


Visit Microsoft edge at Download Microsoft Edge Browser | Microsoft

Ecosia– Ecosia is my current browser. 



  1. Ecosia is a search engine that helps the planet. 

  2. Every 45 searches 1 tree is planted. 

  3. More than 125 million trees are planted as of 2021. 

  4. They plant trees where they are needed the most. 

  5. Ecosia can be added to other search engines, and it will keep some of the features.


Cons: Even though Ecosia helps trees around the world, there are also cons. 

  1. It is a very simple browser and there are not many options for personalization or organization


Neutral opinion: Even though Ecosia is a simple browser, it helps trees around the world. You should still use Ecosia because it helps our planet.


Visit Ecosia at: Ecosia


All these search engines are my favorite and I would recommend you to use these because they are really fun, detailed and easy to use!



  1. “Trilemma”: “a situation, analogous to a dilemma, in which there are three almost equally undesirable alternatives:

His trilemma consisted in not knowing whether to acknowledge receipt, deny it, or simply leave.


Logic. a form of argument in which three choices are presented, each of which is indicated to have consequences that may be unfavorable.”