Sticky Fingers

Global Taste Buds: Week 2

Cook your way around the world in our globally inspired cooking camp! What better way to explore another culture than through its food? In this delicious camp, young chefs will cook recipes from countries all around the world and explore customs, geography, and languages associated with each recipe. Young chefs will cook and gobble up tasty, healthy cuisine from South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia!

Farm to Table: Week 3

How does our food go from ingredient to recipe to table? Explore the bounty of summer-fresh, local, colorful ingredients. Young chefs will learn about fruits and vegetables that come from the soil, vines, trees, pods, and bushes. Join us as we whip up some delicious recipes and cultivate lifelong culinary skills.

Kids Cooking Network: Week 6

Do your young chefs love watching cooking shows on TV? In this exciting camp, young chefs will work together in cooking challenges inspired by favorite cooking TV shows such as Master Chef Jr, Cupcake Wars, and more! We will learn how to use different cooking equipment and techniques, explore flavor pairings, and create tasty mouthwatering recipes from scratch each day. Young chefs will get their creative juices flowing in this awesomely fun and exciting cooking adventure!

S.T.E.A.M: Week 7

Welcome to STEAM Creation Cooking Lab!Cooking and science are a match made in…the kitchen! We’ll be adding spice, subtracting boredom, and multiplying the fun to create tasty culinary masterpieces. In addition, young chefs will conduct fun experiments with edible ingredients!



1st – 5th

9AM – 12PM

Weeks 2, 3, 6, 7

June 12th – 23rd, July 10th – 21st

$230 a week

Contact Info


Alli Doyle