In 2019, Magellan 5th grade student Andre Wilson founded the Magellan Student Newspaper with the vision of sharing student ideas and opinions with the Magellan Community and beyond. The Magellan Student Newspaper – The Navigant – is a student-run, student-led after-school club for students in 3rd grade and up. The Magellan Student Newspaper team identifies important and relevant topics to share with the Magellan Community and beyond.

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This is it: Global Warming

Written By: Aliza W. Global warming is real, and it threatens us and the wildlife daily. Global warming is the heating temperature of the earth's atmosphere caused by pollution. Things like dioxide and greenhouse gasses cause this when they let off-gas from factories...

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The World of the Salish Sea

Written By: Millie J.  What is the Salish Sea? The Salish Sea is a part of the Pacific Ocean. It is located near Washington State and Canada. In the Salish Sea, there are a group of islands called the San Juan Islands. In the Salish Sea, there are cool animals like...

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The Unfortunate Reality of Celiac Disease

Written By: Penelope J. This article is going to introduce you to Celiac disease and what it’s like to have Celiac. If you're not a chef or a doctor you probably don’t know what Celiac is and you are most likely to be thinking, “What is Celiac?”. Well, celiac is a...

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Delicious Dog Treat Recipe

Written By: Tessa F.  One weekend my best friend came over to my house, and we made dog treats for our dogs Charlie, Loki, and Skyler. My dog loved them. I don’t remember the recipe very well, but my sister knows how to make them and she showed me how. The recipe is...

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The History and Invention of the Cookie

Written By: Legion B. Cookies: a circle of sugar with toppings like chocolate, caramel, peanuts, etc. And today, I will tell you about them. Cookies are said to have been tested cakes used by bakers to check the temperature inside the ovens. This dates back to Persia,...

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CFM: Fighting Against Animal Cruelty

Written By: Millie J. Hello! My friend Naomi started an organization called CFM. CFM stands for Cruelty-Free Me. CFM goes against cruelty to animals - especially animal testing - if you don’t know what animal testing is, it is when someone an animal is tested on using...

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Let’s Talk!

Written By: Anjali N.P and Andy P. Anjali: Hey Magellan!!!            It’s ME!!!            Who’s me? IM MEEE (me is Anji, current student of magellan)            So… what's up? Guess what?! You know Andy? She also writes articles.            We're doing a...

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NBA Star Wilt Chamberlin

Written By: Alec W. Former NBA star Wilt Chamberlain was born on: August 21, 1936, in Philadelphia, PA. Wilt Chamberlain Played for: The Philadelphia 76ers, Los Angeles Lakers, now known as the Golden State Warriors (but when he played Philadelphia Warriors), and not...

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Come Chat with Me!

Written By: Andy K. P.  Hey!!🌸💕💕 It’s your friend Andy!!🍄 I want to talk about dinosaurs 🦖  Fossils and stuff are cool😤💕🌸 But you know what’s cooler?💓💓🖖🖖 Rocks 😃 Today in fifth grade, we learned about… Rocks 🤗 Prove me wrong 😑  Rocks are useless and we only needed...

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Let’s Talk About Friend Drama

Written By: Andy K.P. Hello, I’m Andy. I'm in fifth grade and I am ten years old. I like the color green and I love frogs. Yes, I am a weirdo🤪🤪🤪😜😜. And that’s good!!! I have two awesome best friends! But you know sometimes that’s not great? Friend drama. Everybody in...

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The Effects of Climate Change

Written By: Maya H. One of the places most affected by climate change is the North Pole. The Arctic is rapidly warming at a rate that is near twice the global average. This means that the Arctic is warming twice as fast as the rest of the world. Marine Arctic mammals...

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All About Stars

Written By: Aidan G.   Pre-Main Sequence T-Tauri (Hayashi Track) stars are not fusing hydrogen-1 yet, but can fuse deuterium (hydrogen-2) and if above 60 times the mass of Jupiter, Lithium. These are taken by all-stars, and brown dwarfs below 2 sun masses. This is the...

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The Invention and History of the Violin

Written By: Maya H. The violin is a member of the string family that has a hollow wooden body and four strings. These strings are called the G string, the D string, the A string, and the E string. (These are listed from left to right.) These strings are usually played...

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Winning Super Bowl Team Predictions

  Written By: Taran T.   At the time of writing this article, the NFL season is about halfway done, and a lot of surprising teams have climbed the leaderboard, but some that were amazing last year have shot down drastically. Here are my top 2 NFL teams that...

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