In 2019, Magellan 5th grade student Andre Wilson founded the Magellan Student Newspaper with the vision of sharing student ideas and opinions with the Magellan Community and beyond. The Magellan Student Newspaper – The Navigant – is a student-run, student-led after-school club for students in 3rd grade and up. The Magellan Student Newspaper team identifies important and relevant topics to share with the Magellan Community and beyond.

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Swamp People

By Alec Wilson   Starting in the 1980’s Burmese pythons began to invade the Everglades, Florida. I found this as something I should write about. The idea came to me after watching a Youtube series called Catching giant pythons in the Everglades (Swamp People). This...

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The Good and the Bad about Candy

Hello, I'm Andy, and I'm going to talk to you about candy!  Valentine's happened… And you give gifts on Valentine's Day... Like candy… But… There is terrible candy, believe it or not... It's so sad... but I'm going to tell you some sweets not to eat... and if you love...

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Different Types of Chocolate

By: Maya H. M. and Tessa F.   INTRODUCTION    There are all different types of chocolate: some light, some dark, and some with fruit. The ancient Maya tribe called it "the food of the gods," a name that still suits chocolate considering the creamy flavor of...

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Rare Planet Types

By Aidan G. Some planet types are uncommon in the universe. Either because they don't last long or require exotic conditions to form. Yet some of these rare types of planets are also really strange. For example, they can be shaped like an egg due to their parent star!...

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Each Type of Chocolate

By Legion B.   Today I will tell you about the three types of chocolate. The first is milk chocolate. Milk chocolate is standard all over the world. It is widely regarded as the most popular type of chocolate. Milk chocolate is made from chocolate liquor (cocoa solids...

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Cows and Their Digestive System

By Anjali N. P.   Who doesn't love cows? They're fantastic, funny, and provide us with milk, butter, steak, burgers, and many other things! Cows are so cool. So many people learn how to milk a cow, but not many know about cows. How does a cow's digestive system work?...

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Spring Concert Celebration

Images and Photographs were taken by Andre W. and Carol H.        Videos recorded by Ms. Liting L. Press "F" on your keyboard to view videos on full screen. Press "ESC" on your keyboard to exit full-screen.

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