In 2019, Magellan 5th grade student Andre Wilson founded the Magellan Student Newspaper with the vision of sharing student ideas and opinions with the Magellan Community and beyond. The Magellan Student Newspaper – The Navigant – is a student-run, student-led after-school club for students in 3rd grade and up. The Magellan Student Newspaper team identifies important and relevant topics to share with the Magellan Community and beyond.

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Search Engines and a Comparison

Written By: Taran T.      Google Chrome- Most common search engine   Pros: 1. Google Chrome is the most common search engine in the world as of 2021.  2. Over 90% of people around the world use GoogleIt is very simple to use 3. Google is very...

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A Word From Each Newspaper Author

Written By: Whole Newspaper Team     Andre - Over the past year, despite the challenging times we have all had to live through, it has been the most successful the newspaper has seen. We have consistently met our goals and we're able to complete an early...

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The Rising Star Patrick Mahomes

Written By: Taran T.   Ok, if you are a huge American football fan, you will know about the star Patrick Mahomes or Pat. Pat was drafted with the 10th pick by the Kansas City Chiefs in the 2017 NFL draft. The 2017 NFL draft had great players like Myles Garret,...

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