Written By: Whole Newspaper Team



Andre – Over the past year, despite the challenging times we have all had to live through, it has been the most successful the newspaper has seen. We have consistently met our goals and we’re able to complete an early edition. I recommend the newspaper to anyone, in the newspaper you are given the creative freedom you want. You can write whatever you want (as long as it’s appropriate). The newspaper allows anyone to talk about their perspectives and opinions respectively. I enjoyed leading this group over the past year. Everyone has been so cooperative and understanding of our situation, and I think that is something very important to consider when working on something so great. The newspaper has been a place where students have come and created; it has been a creative space without judgment from anyone. I hope that next year I can see some new creative and fresh faces to help contribute to the Magellan newspaper’s wonderful community.


Taran- I joined the newspaper because I wanted to improve my writing skills and share my thoughts and knowledge with the world. I learned how to be more organized and responsible. I also learned how to manage my time better! I would recommend the newspaper for others because it is fun, and at your pace, but at the same time allows you to share your skills. I really enjoyed being in the newspaper because I made many friends, and I improved my writing skills. I’ve also made different types of articles. Some of the articles I have made were: The said to be G.O.A.T of all time: Tom Brady, How to overcome your problems, and the soccer game. I hope in the future I can make my articles more detailed and professional. But overall, I really enjoyed the Magellan Newspaper and I would recommend you to join as well!


Anjali – I joined the newspaper because I thought that it would be a great experience for me and would improve my writing in general, and I was right. I think this would be a great opportunity for anyone at the Magellan International School who loves to write stories, articles, instructional texts, etc. There’s honestly nothing I don’t like about the Magellan Student Newspaper. Editing with everyone helps me learn and teach the other kids. I definitely think this is a learning experience, and that I can work harder, and better with all the things I’ve learned in the Student Newspaper. I’m hoping that we can all grow as a team and learn together. I’d also just like to give thanks to Andre, our team leader. I’m hoping to see new faces next year and to be a part of the newspaper. Go, Navigators.


Aliza –  I joined the student newspaper because I thought it would be an awesome experience for me. I enjoyed writing, editing, and photography. I loved that we could write about any topic. During my time at the student newspaper I learned how to write articles, how to use a camera, and a little bit about editing. I recommend the Magellan Newspaper to other students because at the student newspaper you don’t only write articles, you write articles to change people’s perspectives about things. You can also use your own imagination through comics. I hope next year more people can join the student newspaper and have fun and learn more about writing. The newspaper is something you can’t miss!


Legion – I joined Navigant because I wanted to make amazing articles like the one that I wrote on the Magellan official covid page to inspire people to make amazing articles that have good information on them so the people reading get inspired to do the same. I recommend joining the newspaper because it is fun and you can do so much in it. I enjoyed it a lot because I got to inspire people to make their own (hopefully). The skills I improved while I was in the newspaper were communication, writing, listening, and hearing.


Millie – I joined the Magellan Newspaper (also known as the Navigant) because I love to write and it would be a great experience for me. I learned so much from joining Navigant. I also enjoyed it. I as well wanted to teach my family, friends, etc more about writing, editing, and more! As the year passed I learned, grew, and enjoyed participating in Navigant. I want the Magellan newspaper to grow too. I thank all the people in the Magellan newspaper for teaching me to write articles, editing articles, and more. I know this year has been hard but in addition, I know that Navigant has helped me have some exciting and happy times this year. I think more students should join the Magellan Newspaper. When I write an article for the newspaper it can be unique and it can be anything appropriate. I had a great year with the newspaper and I think it’s an amazing part of Magellan International School. The things that I learned in Navigant helped me with my life. For example when I am sad, mad, or angry, sometimes I write articles about what I’m feeling or something to help me calm down. Navigant has helped me a lot and if someone else joins it might help them too. I thank everyone in the Newspaper. I hope we all will remember doing the newspaper when we get older and tell the story to others.


Diego – I joined de Navigant because I wanted to explore photojournalism. Little did I know that COVID-19 was going to take over our entire year. The global pandemic made it so that in-person events would be out of the question. I also did not know I would end up learning how to do interviews and transcribe the question and answer part of the story. I feel that I have become a stronger writer over the last year. I would encourage any student to give the Student Newspaper a try.


Vero – I joined the Navigant because I wanted to make my writing better and I wanted to try something new. At first, I wasn’t sure I would like it, but it was awesome. I would recommend joining the Navigant because you get the freedom to choose whatever you want to write about. You can write about art, you write about current events, you can even make a comic! I enjoyed being in the Navigant because I like writing and this gives me a place to just let the words flow. Everyone is so nice and I really enjoy writing about interesting things, like the inventor of the piano. The Navigant helped me build editing and research skills. Before you begin to write your article, you have to research your topic. After you write your article, you and the other people at the Navigant edit the article together. I love writing articles with the Navigant and I hope more people will join it.


Sydney – I joined the Navigant because I love to write. At the first meeting that we had, I was a bit worried because there was a lot of work to do. But by the third meeting, it got really easy. I got to write, edit, and even learned about the proper way to make an article. I have learned a lot while being in the Navigant. Everyone in the Navigant is really nice. We get new members once and a while, and it is fun to teach them about the Navigant and welcome them. It is also fun to write articles about anything that comes to mind. I have written poems, group articles, informative articles, and even recipes. The Navigant has helped me find different things to write about. Also, the Navigant has helped me find information and research better. It has been so much fun to be in the Navigant. I have had a great time being in this newspaper club, and I will always remember the times I have had here. The articles, and the friends I made, and all that I have learned. I have had an amazing time while being in the Navigant, and I recommend that others join it too.


Aidan – I joined the newspaper because I really like having things that people should be aware of to be known and also to make people know more about what is going on in the world. At the start of the newspaper (2 years ago! That was 5th grade) I was really trying to make people know more about space and how a lot of things that we call “left, right, up, down, forward, backward” are really just relative to the viewer. Writing articles is pretty fun in a way, it’s teaching people what you want them to know about, and getting rid of things that aren’t truthful (all light is radiation but the light we see is non-ionizing, only high UV and more energetic light is ionizing and harmful.).


Pedro – I joined the newspaper because when I first got here I wanted to really be part of something so I decided to join Navigant, the newspaper of Magellan. At the first meeting, I wasn’t really initiated but after a while, I saw how cool it all was. Later I ran out of ideas for the articles but other people would always help me. And it has been so much fun writing articles and sharing them with other people.



If you would like to sign up for the newspaper and help out with informing the Magellan community and beyond follow this link: https://form.jotform.com/211414619221142