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Young Rembrandts ATX

Week 1 – A World Tour of Pattern and Design – Young Rembrandts now offers a five-day chalk pastel drawing class! Explore multicultural art in our Worldly Artistic Designs workshop. We begin our world tour in Mexico as we draw several welcoming, colorful doorways. Next, we journey to Africa and explore the design intricacies of African crafts. Our artistic enlightenment doesn’t stop there; we’ll move on to design Paisley patterns, an ancient design embraced by many cultures. Then, Asian paper lanterns will shed light on the Far Eastern design styles. Our travels end in Russia as we illustrate a mainstay of Russian architecture – the onion dome. These classes will be messy fun, so dress appropriately. Enroll today!


Week 4 – West Drawing Workshop – Saddle up buckaroos and come explore the Wild West with Young Rembrandts! We will draw a variety of objects, people and scenes found in the adventurous Wild West, while exploring different types of media. We will create a full scene of cowboy accessories using color pencils as well as draw a collection of fun rodeo cartoons. During the last day, we will be inspired with pastel chalks as we create a nighttime, fireside drawing worthy of praise. No experience necessary. Please wear an old shirt or smock on the last day.

1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th

9am – 12pm (no extended care option available)

Week 1, Week 4

June 10-14, July 1-3

Week 1: $210

Week 4: $125

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Catherine Greenlaw