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Adapting Timeless Ideas For Innovative Teaching and Learning
Our uniquely Magellan approach to innovation was inspired in part by the Bauhaus, a revolutionary art and design school whose impact on the creative world remains visible today.

Its vision of unifying art, craftsmanship, and technology reached far beyond the design world, even influencing institutions like Black Mountain College, which sought to transform the American educational system in a similar way.

In the same spirit as the Bauhaus, Magellan Innovation fosters a dynamic, interdisciplinary, and collaborative environment where our students develop a deep sense of curiosity and engage in hands-on learning experiences that inspire creativity and critical thinking.

The curriculum diagram pictured here captures the framework for our system, providing a visual representation of the interconnected elements that shape our approach to learning and innovation

The "rings" 
represent distinct stages that take place throughout the IB Continuum that integrate the powerful tools and ideas of constructionism, the Maker Movement, and design thinking.

Fabrication Studios

Constructionist Learning Labs for the 21st Century
Our two makerspaces, the Innovation Lab for Design + Making (i.lab) in the PYP and the Bauhaus-Design Lab (b.lab) in the MYP, provide access to tools, technologies, and materials that help bring our students' ideas to life.

Best of all, both spaces are available for personal use by the entire school community. Whether you have a specific project in mind, a personal passion to pursue, or simply want to learn a new skill, our Innovation staff are here to support you.

From woodworking and electronics to 3D printing and laser cutting, you'll find a wealth of resources and opportunities for learning, designing, and making.

Classroom Makerspaces

Catalysts For Material Inquiry and Personalized Learning
In our PYP program, we believe in empowering our students with the mindset and skillsets to become active agents of their own learning. As part of this commitment, we have created personalized makerspaces in each classroom for grades K-5.

With these dedicated spaces, students have access to a variety of simple hand tools and materials, so that their classroom is also place to explore, tinker, create, and innovate.

Community Focused

Tinkering, Learning, and Celebrating Together
You can also experience the joy of playful learning with your child at our monthly Open Make sessions in the i.lab. Join us during the school day for a hands-on tinkering session, where parents have the opportunity to collaborate, explore, and create alongside their children. If you've visited the Thinkery or the Exploratorium, then you'll be sure to love this too.

Our annual School Maker Faire is a school-wide celebration of the innovative spirit, ingenuity, and passion for learning embodied by our school community. This inclusive event brings together our school families for an evening of exploration and hands-on fun.

University Partnership

Shaping Future Maker Educators with The University of Texas at Austin
As a community partner with UTeach Maker, we host student interns, provide opportunities for student teachers, and in the future, we may even have UTeach Maker Fellows join our team as highly skilled educators.

We are thrilled to be a part of this collaborative journey with UT, as we believe that by combining our expertise, resources, and commitment, we can make a lasting impact on the educational experiences of our students.