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Magellan International School's advancement department plays a pivotal role in strategic planning and growth initiatives. Through annual and capital fundraising campaigns, the department secures financial support from parents, engaged alumni, and the community, enhancing educational programs and facilities. Maintaining strong ties with our community is prioritized, fostering relationships through school wide events and social media. Effective communication is central, with the advancement department crafting and sharing compelling stories about the school's achievements. 

A much loved responsibility is the position of a volunteer liaison, harnessing the skills of parents, alumni, and the community to support school programs. Additionally, Magellan could not provide the students with the robust experience they have without the dedication of volunteers. The department's strategic event planning not only creates fundraising opportunities but strengthens community ties and enhances the school's reputation. In collaboration with school leadership, the advancement team aligns fundraising efforts with the institution's mission and academic priorities.

In summary, the Magellan International School's advancement department has a multifaceted approach to facilitating strategic planning, community engagement, and financial support, laying the foundation for the school's continued growth and success. We feel privileged to work with a team of truly great people, united in our commitment to Magellan's success and the positive impact we can make together.

Meet the Advancement Team

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  • Suzanne Bautch

    Director of Advancement 
  • Jenny Jackson

    Marketing and Communications Coordinator 
  • Riley Smith

    Advancement Associate 
  • Karee Jones

    Board President and Siempre Magellan Liaison 

Financial Gifts

Your generous donations play a vital role in sustaining Magellan International school. Unlike public school, our private institution relies entirely on community support, to close the gap in tuition. Your donations are instrumental in enabling us to uphold high educational standards, invest in cutting-edge programs and maintain a personalized and inclusive learning environment. Your contribution directly empowers the future of our students, ensuring they will receive a well - rounded and exceptional education that prepares them for success.


The gift of time, is considered to be the most valuable. Your time and volunteering efforts make a profound impact on our community and students. Thank you to all our volunteers for generously sharing your skills and energy to support Magellan. Your dedication strengthens the community. 

Giving Through The Seasons

Fall: Each year, Magellan International School conducts a fundraiser, the Magellan Fund, that fuels the the advancement of overall student experience. Family participation is the key to the success of this annual drive, empowering us to continue providing enriching opportunities for our students. Join us in making a last impact though the Magellan Fund

Spring: Noche de Gala, our most anticipated event of the year! Families can expect an evening of elegance, entertainment, and impact. Come and explore the silent auction full of unique treasures and our live auction items is full of extraordinary experiences. 

Capital Campaign: We have just moved into our Forever Home! Our capital campaign is in it beginning stages, the quiet phase. If you interested in learning more about our new building or how to donate to Siempre Magellan, please contact our Director of Advancement, Suzanne Bautch.