Primary School K-5

Primary School, Kinder - 5th

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  • Students Taking Action as a Result of Their Learning.

Charged with understanding how each traditional subject connects together as well as connects to our global world today, our students explore through inquiry, are encouraged to ask tough questions, and think critically as much about what their learning as about why they’re learning it. This International Baccalaureate approach emphasizes real-life situations, decision-making, problem solving, research, and, most importantly, action.

Quick Facts

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  • i.lab

    Equipment Available to All Students
  • 60-70%

    Spanish in Kinder - 5th
  • Mandarin

    Instructions Begins in 3rd
  • Singapore Math

  • Cursive

    Introduced in 2nd
  • Professional Development

    Ongoing Professional Development for Teachers

Program Highlights

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  • Students