Middle School

Middle Years, Grades 6-10

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  • Challenging Academics, Essential Connections.

    In the IB framework, the Middle Years Program (MYP) is made up of grades 6-10. Students take an active role in developing their own knowledge and understanding of the world.
As inquirers, students construct their own meaning, rather than relying on their teachers to do so for them, and are challenged to explore significance and examine their own knowledge deeply and holistically. They learn by applying knowledge and skills in unfamiliar contexts; and become caring members of their community through service.

The MYP builds on the knowledge, skills and attitudes developed by the IB Primary Years Program (PYP), and prepares students for the demanding requirements of the IB Diploma Program (DP).

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*NEW* Non-Spanish Speakers Welcome in Grade 6

Magellan is now offering a flexible program where no Spanish or IB experience is required. New and current students will have the option of bi-lingual learning (50% of the day in Spanish) or to take all courses in English, in addition to an entry-level language class of their choice.


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  • Learning Pathways

    Beginning in Middle School, students with no Spanish background are welcome through our flexible language program. English-speaking and immersion students will attend most classes together with the exception of advanced level Spanish classes.
  • School Maker Faire

    Magellan boasts an exceptional Innovation, Design, and Making Program that is a key component in our academic curriculum. Each spring, we hold a campus-wide event to celebrate the innovative spirit of the entire school community. Parents, students, faculty, and staff are invited to share their projects and ideas.
  • Electives

    Middle school students looking forward to choosing their own non-academic, elective classes each trimester. Offerings vary each year and have included Coding, Newspaper, Bird Watching, MIS Ad Agency, and more. Electives are taught by Magellan faculty, staff, or Magellan parents.
  • Extended Studies Trips

    Sixth graders take a week-long trip to Washington, D.C. While eighth graders travel to Spain. Trips like these are designed to reinforce material covered in class as well as provide real life learning experiences for our students.
  • Harbor

    Small cohorts check-ins with advisory teachers who use the Second Step Program to guide students in social emotional development and executive functioning skills that are critical to success in the IB program.
  • Athletics

    Our Navigator athletics program promotes physical fitness, teamwork, and athletic competition, and is inclusive of all students who wish to play. Multiple sports options are offered in Fall, Winter, and Spring. We are a part of the Austin Inter Parochial League (AIPL), which includes other top area independent schools.
  • High School Credits

    Opportunity to Earn High School Credits in Math, Spanish and Mandarin
  • Social & Emotional Support

    Magellan has a six-person Student Support Resource (SSR) team that includes a counselor devoted to the Middle School.

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